Okavango Summers Are Incomparable

Posted on Jan 09, 2014 - 05:20 AM

Okavango Sunset Green Season

Okavango summers are incomparable. Those of us who live here are amazed at the widespread impression that this is not the time to visit. It is true that it is not the best time of the year for game viewing, but did Adam and Eve define their days in the Garden of Eden by the animals they saw? The accompanying images are of sunsets, but the dawns are often as beautiful. And what these images cannot convey is the abiding sense of peace and tranquility that underlies the visual splendor, the bird-song, the flocks of water-fowl winging their way to roost, the early call of lion awakening, the grunting of hippo, the tentative, tinkling call of bell-frogs, the dying of the day and the slow seep of the night, warm, caressed by soft breezes, spangled by the Milky Way. We think it no less than tragic that the obsession with game-viewing, at the expense of beauty and the balm for the soul that utter peacefulness heralds, discourages all but a few visitors from visiting at this time of year.

Okavango Sunset and Rainbow Green Season

Okavango Sunset Green Season